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 JpDeliver shipping process

JpDeliver shipping process

1. Register as a member of to obtain JpDeliver warehouse address and your user ID. Click here to see the registration process.


2. Use JpDeliver warehouse address as your shipping address when shopping online. Click here for help with shopping online.


3. Online seller ships your online order to JpDeliver’s warehouse in Japan.


4. You notify JpDeliver of your online order (no packages details will be shown if not notified) and select an international shipping method. You can submit your JpDeliver shipping order without going through step 5 and step 6 after notifying JpDeliver of your online shopping order. If there is sufficient balance in your account, you can skip step 7. Click here for notifying process. Click here for confirmation process.


5. JpDeliver confirms the receipt of your purchased items, calculates the shipping fee according to the weight of your packages, and notifies you via email.


6.You fill in the declaration form and provide other important information when required, submit the shipping order and make the payment. (If you want to combine your packages, make the payment after you select to combine packages. Click here for the package combining process.)


7. Upon confirmation of your payment, JpDeliver ships your packages to the address specified in your shipping order.


If you have any questions regarding the above process, please contact our customer service representatives: Click here to contact customer service representatives