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2. Shopping FAQ’s

Please note that some articles are prohibited or restricted from delivery according to the stipulations in Postal Law and Air Law and limitations on Japanese shopping websites.
For more information, please see the description on Japan Post:Click here
Nonmailable articles Our company will not refund the transportation fee paid for nonmailable articles returned by the post office. Our company will contact you for the handling of nonmailable articles.
Our company will sell or dispose of them on our own if they are still unhandled for more than 60 days from the date of arrival. The gains from our handling will be returned to your account in the form of points.
Notes about the mailing of lithium batteries According to the regulations in Air Law of Japan, the following conditions must be met for the mailing of lithium batteries:
① Batteries must be installed in or built-in to the equipment.
② The capacity of the lithium battery or watt-hour rated value, etc. must be within certain limitations.
③ The quantity of lithium batteries must be within the prescribed limitation (4 units in the case of electric cell, 2 units in case of assembled battery).
④ The mail must be addressed to countries or regions without restrictions on importing lithium batteries.

JpDeliver does not accept the following commodities:

Amazon Kindle commodities purchased on Japan Amazon
Others Commodities that cannot pass through Chinese customs such as powder and tea

Goods prohibited from delivery by air by JpDeliver can only be shipped by sea.

Inflammable and explosive substances Hair dye, hair creams, razor cleaning fluids, some insect repellent fluids, etc.
High pressure gas sprays Creams, sunscreen sprays, some nasal sprays, etc.

Goods prohibited from importation and exportation

Precious articles Processed or unprocessed platinum, gold, silver, precious stones and other precious metals
Coins, bank bills and valuable securities Coins, bank bills, banknotes, various valuable securities, checks, as well as counterfeit currencies and counterfeit valuable securities
Photographs, films, prints, etc. Printed matters, films, photographs, gramophone records, cinematographic films, loaded recording tapes, videotapes, compact discs (audio and video), storage media for computers and other articles which are detrimental to the political, economic, cultural and moral interests of China
Foodstuff and medicines Unsanitary foodstuff, medicines and other articles coming from epidemic stricken areas and those harmful to man and livestock or those capable of spreading diseases
Narcotics and anesthetics Deadly poison of all kinds, opium, morphine, heroin, marihuana and other addictive kef and psychotropic substances
Pathogens and insect pests Animals, plants and products thereof infected with or carrying pathogenic germs, insect pests and other harmful organisms
Weapons and simulation weapons Various kinds of weapons and ammunition such as firearms, ammunition, artillery shells, grenades, mines, bombs, etc. Various kinds of explosive materials such as detonators, explosives, gunpowder, firecrackers, etc. Various kinds of inflammable materials including liquids, gases and solids, such as gasoline, kerosene, tung oil, alcohol, lacquer, diesel oil, aerosols, gas lighters, gas cylinders, phosphorus, sulfur, matches, etc.

Goods restricted from importation

Tobacco and alcoholic drinks Tobacco and alcoholic drinks
Screws Wood screws, tapping screws and other screws and bolts, which should be attached with a certificate of origin
Radio transmitters, etc. Radio transmitters and communication security machines
Rare animals and plants Animals in danger of becoming extinct, rare animals and plants (including respective specimens), seeds and reproducing materials
Personal belongings The recipient may possibly need to pay duties for personal items with value exceeding RMB 1,000 yuan. If they are regarded as belongings for personal use, there will be no limitation on them.
Plants Plants (rice and other grains, fruits, vegetables and other plants stipulated in the plant quarantine law), without limitation on those meeting Notice No. 231 (Export Plant Quarantine Regulations) by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 1950 and the “List of Requirements for All Countries about Plant Quarantine” by the Plant Quarantine Station
Other articles restricted from importation by customs Other articles restricted from importation by customs

Goods prohibited from delivery

Gunpowder Fireworks, Western firecrackers and ammunition
High-pressure gases High-pressure spray cans, lighter filling gas, oxygen cylinders for diving, gas cylinders for camping, fire extinguishers, high-pressure dust removal air tanks, portable oxygen tubes, helium cylinders, chlorofluorocarbons, gas heaters and automobile suspension systems
Inflammable liquids Lighter fluids, paints, nail polishes, nail gel, alcohol, thinners, coatings, varnishes and perfumes
Inflammable solids Matches, lighters and charcoal
Oxidizing substances Bleach, hydrogen peroxide, small oxygen makers for personal use and hair dye
Toxic substances Pesticides, chloroform and steaming type insecticides
Radioactive substances Uranium, plutonium, cesium, thorium and nuclear wastes
Radioactive substances Mercury and liquid batteries
Others Magnets, engines, dry ice, asbestos, narcotics, anesthetics, psychotropic drugs, obscene articles, lotteries, air guns, molding knives (art knives), livestock feedstuff, vegetables, fresh food, live animals (Washington Treaty), preparations containing blood, precious stones, diamonds (including processed products), counterfeit currencies, stamps or prints, personal papers, valuable securities, national treasures, important cultural heritages, important artwork, copy CDs, pirated CDs, items of unknown origins, credit cards, coupons, tickets (concert tickets, etc.) and air tickets