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4. Warehousing, shipping order submission, payment and shipping

After shopping on Japanese shopping websites, you notify JpDeliver of your online purchasing orders. (No description will be shown if you did not notify us of your online purchasing orders.)
After receiving the package shipped from Japanese shopping websites, JpDeliver will contact you for confirmation and payment through the email address you have filled in during registration.
JpDeliver’s warehousing duration is 1-2 days. Please contact our customer service representatives if the goods are still not warehoused after such duration expires.
You can confirm through “package management” in “user center”, or directly select packages for combination, submit the shipping order and make the payment.
After confirming the receipt of your payment, our company will arrange the shipment of your goods through a selected international shipping method.

1. Confirm package warehousing.
After the package is shipped to JpDeliver’s warehouse by a Japanese shipping company and warehoused, a warehousing email notifying you that the package has been warehoused will be sent to you.
Package warehousing
2. Confirm the package information.
After you have logged in, you can click on the link in the warehousing notice email to confirm the package information.
Package warehousing
Or you can directly log in JpDeliver and check in “package management”.
Package management
3. Select the recipient, fill in the declaration form and select a shipping method for your order.
① Click on the “submit” button in “package details” or “package management” to submit the shipping order.
Package management
② Select the recipient address.
Package management
③ Fill in the declaration form. (Make sure to fill it in accurately.)
Declaration form
④ Select an appropriate shipping method according to your needs. Please add insurance if necessary. It is suggested that you should add insurance for high-value commodities to avoid the risk of not being compensated in case of damage.
Shipping options
Please note that for packages shipped through a shipping method other than EMS, the insurance amount may vary according to the weight and cannot be added on your own.
If no option is selected, the goods will be shipped in the original case and you can make the payment directly.
Insurance for packages shipped through a shipping method other than EMS
4. Confirm the shipping order.
The default shipping fees are based on your location and the shipping method selected when you notify us of your online purchasing order. The optional service fees will be added if there are any optional services.
Confirm the fee
5. Pay the fee.
You can select a convenient payment method to pay the shipping fees. During payment, your currency will be converted to JPY. Please confirm the exchange rate during payment. (You can enter the points for offset if you have any.)
Exchange rate reference link
6. Confirm the payment and ship the goods.
After the shipping order is paid, JpDeliver will confirm the payment for the shipping order and arrange the delivery. After delivery, JpDeliver will send you a notice email. Please remember to check it. You can also check the shipping order and shipping details in “shipping order management”.
Shipping order management