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Fast, Safe and Inexpensive Japanese Forwarding service.


1. User registration and user information modification

1. Enter user name, email address and other personal information.
① Click on the registration link on the homepage.
Click here to register
② Enter user information.
Click here to register
2. Enter recipient address information. (The step can be skipped by checking “set as the default address”.)
3. Confirm if the information entered is correct.
Confirm the information entered
4. Verify the email address and complete your member registration. Please contact our customer service representatives for assisted verification if you have not received the email for verification.
① After the information is submitted, an indication that the email address needs to be verified will pop up.
Submit the information
② Log in to your registered email to check the verification email.
Verification email
③ Copy the link to the browser and click on it to complete the verification.
Complete verification
④ Receive the email of completed verification and check your ID starting with JD and your JpDeliver address.
Email of completed verification