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How do I combine multiple packages into one package?

JpDeliver offers convenient package-combining service. You can combine up to five packages on to one shipping order for delivery to save the international shipping fee.
Package combination process
1. After you have logged in, go to “shipment management” on the user page. Click on “package management” to select packages to be combined.
Package management
2. Click on the “warehoused” tag in “package management” to show package status.
3. When there is more than one warehoused package, there will be a package combination button on the lower left of the package list. Check the packages from the package list that you want to combine and then click on the combination button to submit the shipping order.
(You can only combine packages listed on the same page.)
Package management
4. Select the recipient, fill in the declaration form and select a shipping method for your order.
Declaration form
Select shipping method
5. Confirm and submit request for package combination.
Select shipping method
6. We will be processing your shipping order once you have submitted the request for package combination. The status of your shipping order will show “processing”.
Select shipping method
7. After we have successfully combined the selected packages and notified you via email, you can view the details of this to-be-paid shipping order in “shipping order management” and make the payment.
Confirmation email of successful package combination
Confirmation email of successful package combination
Notes for combination of packages
1. Up to five smaller packages can be combined into one bigger package.
2. The standard procedure for the combination of selected packages is to put items in smaller packages in the largest package. If the largest package of the selected ones is not big enough to hold all the items, JpDeliver will use a larger packaging box.
3. Our customer service representative will contact you if the combination of selected packages results in a shipping failure due to the size or weight limit (more than 30kg).
4. After combination and submission, the status of your shipping order will show “processing” and it cannot be canceled. In case of any combination faults or missing packages, please contact our customer service representatives for assistance.