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What to do if there are any duties?

After delivery by JpDeliver, the customs will give a notice if there are any duties. Please go through customs clearance formalities according to the customs clearance process.

Fill in the declaration form The declaration form is required to be filled in for all packages. JpDeliver requires you to fill in the declaration form on your own. The declaration form shows the description on a shipping/commodity invoice. The duties are generated according to the sampling inspection by the customs, but not according to what you have declared. Please fill in the form accurately. Incorrect or false information may cause a failure to pass through the customs.
Customs clearance process 1. The customs gives a notice by SMS or registered mail.
2. According to the notice, you should provide your valid personal papers and shopping vouchers for passing through the customs. Generally the local post office will go through the customs clearance formalities on your behalf. You can check through if your package has been submitted to the customs.
Goods that cannot pass through the customs If your package cannot pass through the customs and is returned because it contains goods that are restricted from importation by China such as tea and rice or the customs judges that they are not belongings for personal use (more than two for the same large commodity such as air purifier), please contact our customer service representatives.