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Problems of messy codes of names and Japanese katakana during registration on Japanese websites

1. What to do if my Chinese name cannot be displayed on the Japanese system? Because some Chinese characters are not all the same as Japanese ones, which are similar to traditional Chinese characters, some Japanese systems cannot recognize them when they are entered and cannot print them out. The recipient of the package will be left blank. This problem can be avoided through the following:
1. If pinyin or English is supported in the system, you can change your name into pinyin or English.
2. If you want to print out Chinese characters, please enter traditional Chinese characters of your name. Please contact our customer service representatives for assistance if you do not know how to enter them.
2. How to enter katakana? Katakana and hiragana are similar to pinyin of Chinese characters. If you want to enter them, you can convert them by using the following tool: The conversion method is shown as follows: