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How to make notification and fill in the declaration form?

1. Why do I need to make notification? The main purpose of notifying JpDeliver is to improve warehousing efficiency, make sure that you know the detailed goods in the package if you write the description on your own and avoid the step of warehousing confirmation because of your forgetting to enter the warehousing ID. Besides, if you do not notify us of the package you have ordered on online shopping websites, no description will be shown, and you should check the detailed information on your own on Japanese shopping websites through the Japan domestic shipping tracking No.
2. Can the information in my notification be modified? If the information in your notification is incorrect, for example, the shipping company or shipping tracking No. is incorrect, you can cancel your notification. If the shipping method is incorrectly selected or the weight is incorrect, there is no need to cancel your notification. The shipping fee will be calculated according to the actual weight weighed when the goods are warehoused, and the shipping method can be reselected when you submit the shipping order.
3. How to fill in the notified commodity description? The notified commodity description is mainly used for you to confirm the commodity information. You can fill it in in Chinese, Japanese or English. Please fill it in accurately so as to know the package description. You can fill it in at the remark area if the space is insufficient.
4. How to fill in the declaration form? You can only write six lines of contents for the commodity description on the declaration form. If you have purchased many commodities, the space may not be sufficient. The answers to frequently asked questions about filling in the declaration form are shown as follows:
a. Many commodities of the same kind can be written together. For example, two packages of M64 paper diapers with a unit price of 1,500 JPY and three packages of L56 paper diapers with a unit price of 1,600 JPY can be written together as “paper diapers five packages unit price 1,600 JPY”.
b. If the contents for the commodity description are more than six lines, please write down the main commodities. Because the information on the declaration form concerns compensation for damage of the goods, you may not get compensation if you have not written them in the declaration form.
c. If you notify us of a package, the first six lines of commodity descriptions will be automatically displayed when you submit the declaration form. You can modify them before submission.
5. Does the filling-in of a declaration form mean to apply to customs voluntarily? The contents on the declaration form match those on the post office’s shipping invoice and commodity invoice, serving as a reference for customs examination and postal compensation. Whether there are any duties will be decided after sampling inspection by customs.