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About package warehousing

1. How long is package warehousing duration? JpDeliver’s warehousing duration is 0-48 hours. We will notify you if there are any special conditions.
2. How to check if my package has arrived? After shipping the goods, the Japanese seller will generally provide the shipping tracking No., through which you can check if they have arrived. The websites of some common Japanese shipping companies are shown as follows: ① Yamato
② Sagawa
③ Japan Post Upper right
④ Seino
      If you are not sure which shipping company has shipped your package, you can use the shipping tracking No. to search on Japan Yahoo, which will list the possible shipping companies.
   In addition, some packages do not have shipping tracking numbers and cannot be tracked. For some special shipping companies like “佐川飛脚メール”, the packages cannot be tracked even if there are shipping tracking numbers.
3. Why has the package not warehoused after it arrives? Why has the package not warehoused after it arrives? The common problems causing the failure of its warehousing are shown as follows:
① The warehousing ID is not filled in. (In some cases, even if you have filled in the warehousing ID when placing an order, there might be the possibility that the shipping company or Japanese seller fails to fill it in.)
② The address is too long and is cut during printing. Please confirm if the address is totally the same as that offered by us. For example, a long address such as “東京都北区東京都北区東京都北区神谷2-36-9 1F JD000000” may be cut into “東京都北区東京都北区”, which will cause unsuccessful warehousing.
③ The shipping tracking No. is damaged, which causes unsuccessful warehousing.
For cases other than the above, please contact our customer service representatives for assistance in the warehousing. In order to facilitate the warehousing, please notify us of your online purchasing orders timely.
4. I have not shopped recently, but why are there warehoused packages? Some sellers may regularly send DM advertising or shopping guide magazines to their users. The weight of DM advertising is generally below 60g. If you have purchased any commodities, you can search the delivery email sent from the seller through the shipping tracking No. to check what commodity has been shipped and warehoused.
5. During warehousing, why is there a shipping tracking No. like 2015040800800? This shipping tracking No. is the one that is compiled by JpDeliver according to the rule of warehousing date + warehousing weight. The number 2015040800800 means a package with a weight of 800g that has been warehoused on 8 April 2015.
① The Japanese seller ships the package by surface mail without a shipping tracking number. Because the package has no shipping tracking number, its shipping tracking number will be compiled by us according to the warehousing date. Such case often occurs in low-value commodities, or some shipping orders of yodobaishi.
You should avoid buying commodities from the seller who ships the package by surface mail without a shipping tracking number, because the package cannot be tracked and checked for arrival. You should select the sellers who can provide shipping tracking numbers when shipping the goods such as those on Japan Amazon.
② During package combination, extra goods that cannot be combined or hazardous articles that need rewarehousing will be rewarehoused according to their weight. The description of goods will be given in the package remark.
6. During warehousing, the shipping tracking number provided by the seller is 7856230145, but why are there such shipping tracking numbers as 7856230145, 785623014502 and 785623014503? For the same or similar commodities ordered, the seller may use one shipping tracking number for several packages when shipping them together. For these goods, the ending numbers such as 02 and 03 will be used after the shipping tracking number to differentiate them.