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Japan Shopping Service QA

1.One up to how many goods purchasing? 1 up to 10 kinds of purchase orders (specifications) of the goods, because the number of control in the personal use within a reasonable range, the total amount should be controlled within 30,000 yen.
2. How long does it take for purchasing? After submitting the purchase order, within 1-2 working days, our staff will help you to confirm whether the items in the purchase order can be purchased. Will be notified by mail to confirm the results. After you receive the confirmation of the mail, after payment of fees, we then arrange purchasing.
3.Why is my purchase order canceled? When our staff confirms the purchase order, if the items in the purchase order are not in the library or can not be purchased, will cancel the purchase order.
4.Which items can not be purchasing? We support Japan Amazon, rakuten, Yahoo shopping, and other Japanese shopping site goods purchasing,Some only support the Japanese credit card or need remittance can also purchasing。Yahoo auction, purchase of goods, limited time specials, does not support the transfer of goods and can not mail items such as can not provide purchasing.
5.When the purchase order is submitted, the goods are in stock, but after confirming the purchase order or payment, there is no inventory how to do?
After submitting the purchase order or paying the purchase order, we will help you as soon as possible, but because the commodity inventory and so are real-time changes, especially hot goods, can not be sure to be able to purchasing.
6. Why is there a multiple package for a purchase order?
One of the purchase orders is limited to the purchase of a shopping site of goods such as Japan Amazon, a number of goods under the order, we will try to service a package delivery, but may be a single purchase of multiple packages shipped (goods not With a warehouse, too many goods can not be sent one-time and other reasons), in the purchase order in detail through the logistics number to confirm whether the goods are all in place.
7.How does the purchase order to send?
Purchase orders of goods will be the original packaging to our warehouse, if the merger of goods shipped, will be used alone in the box storage. Because Japan's domestic packaging is generally relatively simple, it is recommended to submit protection option service like Air bubble film protection or Air column buffer protection.
8. Do you have a items invoice? The default purchasing goods will retain the original items invoice, because purchasing our account for the purchase. Some of the goods sent with other goods, may not be able to provide a invoice .
9. What is the process of reviewing a purchase order?
After the purchase of the purchase order payment, is the user to submit the purchase order, our staff will carry out purchasing orders can be purchasing, goods can be identified under the circumstances to determine the amount of money to inform the user to pay the user to pay the cost, our staff will be Order purchase.
10. What are the costs of purchasing?
Total Cost = Commodity Cost + Japan Domestic Fee + Remittance Fee / Cash On Delivery Fee + Purchase Fee
Japan's domestic freight: Japanese EC sent to JpDeliver received from Japan's domestic freight, most of Japan's Japanese goods without Japanese domestic freight, some goods or other sites may have Japanese domestic freight. Shipping standard can refer to the EC page description.
Remittance fee: Some goods need to be remitted, remittance will produce a fee, the actual amount shall prevail.
Purchasing fee:The purchase fee is charged for our purchasing business.